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Nuclear medicine: Pastor Oyakhilome’s Loveworld Medical Centre to save Nigerians cost of medical tourism

The Loveworld Medical Centre says it is poised to save Nigerians the cost of medical tourism through its advanced medical care in nuclear medicine.

Loveworld Medical Centre is owned by the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International.

The Chief Operating Officer, LMC, Dr Anthony Oseghale, said this on Saturday in Lagos, during the International Loveworld Medical Symposium on Radionuclide Therapy and Oncology, with the theme: ”Evolving Role of Nuclear Medicine and Personalised & Precision Medicine”.

Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty involving the application of radioactive substances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Oseghale said that with its cutting-edged medical technology, the medical centre would provide advanced,; trusted; wholesome care, to Nigerians who frequently sought foreign medicare.

”Just consider the cost of flight ticket out of the country now. Whatever it is you are going to get outside this country, you can get it here. So maybe your flight ticket could just handle all your costs.

”If you go outside the country, you paid your flight ticket; even for accommodation; you are still going to pay for the treatment itself; which of course will be multiple of your flight ticket and the accommodation.

”We are very big on giving quality services, so in the last six months, we haven’t been doing any publicity; we just made sure our processes are excellent, and the patients that we have cared for have been the ones spreading the information about the facilities.

”Today, we are excited to introduce nuclear medicine, opening new opportunities for advanced medical care. The installation and commissioning of our Gamma Camera marks a significant milestone, and we eagerly anticipate the benefits this technology will bring to our patients,” he said.

The COO said that with the centre’s nuclear medicine service, there would be transformative change in the healthcare sector, not just in Nigeria, but globally.

According to him, LMC’s vision is to lead the healthcare industry with holistic; accessible; and best-in-class services; and the mission is to deliver exceptional; compassionate care through innovation and technology.

”Our unique selling points include our spiritual advantage, as we pay attention to the total man.

”Our multidisciplinary approach ensures quick and accurate diagnoses, and our comprehensive in-house facilities offer all necessary medical services under one roof.

”We provide affordable, high-quality care, partnering with several HMOs (for example, Lifesaver HMO), to extend our services to those in need. We are proud to offer world-class medical services right here in Lagos, eliminating the need for medical tourism.

”Today, we are excited to announce our plan to unveil our nuclear medicine services, opening new opportunities for advanced medical care. The installation and commissioning of our Gamma Camera marks a significant milestone, and we eagerly anticipate the benefits this technology will bring to our patients,” he said.

Also speaking, the Clinical Director, LMC, Dr Emeka Eze, described nuclear medicine technology as innovative, cost effective, and free of side effects.

”It targets only damaged cells. If we are treating people with what is known as chemotherapy; you know the kind of side effects because it attacks all fast growing cells at the same time; but this one only goes for cells that are inflamed, or cells that are mitotic.

”So it just goes to the local area where the problem is and deals with it. So much cheaper, fewer side effects, minimal hospital stay, long resolution,” Eze said.

He said that nuclear medicine helped in the treatment of thyroid disease, cancers, arthritis, among others.

”Right now it has been very well tried with prostate cancer and it’s very, very good. Then it treats arthritis, knee problem. A lot of Nigerians today, as they getting to a certain age, there’s a lot of development of arthritis,

”People that are obese are having leg problems, because of the diet change in Africa now, many Africans are getting obese and having this arthritis as they get in elderly age. So it is a game changer for arthritis. That’s very important,” Eze said.

In her remarks and capping it all up, the Executive Chairman, LMC, Dr Deola Phillips, said that the multi-specialist hospital was born out of the vision of the founder, the President of Loveworld Inc, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome.

Phillips said that the centre was poised to make significant strides in the area of radionuclide therapy, as the cutting-edge treatment modality offered renewed hope to patients battling various forms of cancer.

She said that the treatment modality harnessed the power of radioactive isotopes to target and destroy cancerous or diseased cells with unprecedented precision.

”From the state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging to personalised treatment plans across multiple specialties, we strive to tailor each patient’s journey to their unique medical needs.

”We remain steadfast in our commitment to innovate and expand our capabilities to meet the evolving healthcare needs of our diverse patient population.

”We ensure that our community receives comprehensive and compassionate care close to home, in line with our mantra – ”Advanced, Trusted, Wholesome, Care”,” the chairman said.

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