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Oh!  Nigerian Military, By Paul Ikechukwu Njoku

Honestly, I wonder if Nigeria is worthy to be called a sovereign nation. Nigeria is a nation where security forces happily kill her own citizens over Covid-19 palliatives and for all and sundry immoral reasons.

Nigeria remains a country where her government routinely conducts house-to-house search for “looters” of Covid-19 palliatives when the same government failed to go to those various houses of the hungry, poor and indigent Nigerians to share the same palliatives hooded by politicians in various warehouses.

It is a failed nation where foodlums are called hoodlums while the real hoodlums are called politicians.

Without any crocodile or python noise, the US Forces just entered Nigeria and rescued a single American citizen being an excercise that is taking Nigerian security forces many decades to completely curb as many have died in captivity and in the den of terrorists while some are still in hostage till now.

I as a human rights activist, I prefer to die a hero than to die a coward. I am not afraid of death from the forces of brutality and tyranny of our ruthless government.

I utterly stand for human rights and civil liberties.

Of what use should i be alive and be killed or treated inhumanly by a government who should protect me but woefully fail to defend and protect me?

What shall it profit my soul should I not talk when I am treated like a slave and my human rights incessantly abused with scorn?

Killing, murdering, arresting, torturing, extorting, detaining, maiming and illegally incercerating human rights activists, dissenters, critics and the armless and defenseless civilians (Nigerians) is the only thing Nigerian solders and other sister security forces are very good at. Have they forestalled the high rate of Insecurity in Nigeria?

I have never felt so stupid and ashamed of my country until it was reported on October 31, 2020, that the US Air Force Special Operations flew NAVY SEALS to Nigeria to rescue the son of a missionary, Philip Walton, who was kidnapped in Niger Republic by armed Fulani militia/bandits.

The young man was kidnapped in the neighboring Niger Republic in his farm by Fulani herdsmen armed with AK-47 assault rifles but was smuggled into Nigeria through our porous border in the North that was supposedly closed by the Buhari-led government especially the Southern borders.

The Fulani militia, bandits and kidnappers demanded for $1 million from Phillip’s father who has lived in Niger Republic for 30 years.

American CIA provided intelligence leading to Walton’s whereabouts while the Marine Special Operations elements in Africa helped locate him by tracking the Kidnappers phone.

Shortly, about 6 US Navy commandos parachuted into the remote area in northern Nigeria where the kidnappers had taken Walton in custody. They hiked about three miles until they came upon the captors’ small encampment.

An intense but brief gunfight followed in which one captor escaped.

Walton was not harmed in the rescue mission as he was whisked from the camp to a makeshift landing zone where a U.S. helicopter brought him to safety.

According to the ABC, all but one of the seven captors were killed in the rescue mission described as a ‘precision’ hostage rescue.

Can our leaders do this to their citizens or brutally kill them in their youthful era and integrate terrorists into the Army and society?

Pathetically, Nigerian Army’s loyalty lies on the Presidency and the useless politicians than the people they take oath of office to protect and defend.

The difference between the Nigerian Army and her US counterpart is simply clear. Ours are trained to shoot at the defenceless and peaceful protesters and poor citizens. Ours are clinically hungry of the armless civilian blood. They cling to SARS and SWART of under-developed era.

China has announced an ambitious plan to grow her military, political and economic powers.

China’s Central Committee (CCC) has also launched a fifteen (15) year draft plan to achieve that.

They recently met for four (4) days behind closed doors to finalize future plans.

In fact, the details of there communique would be discussed by March, 2021 in their National Congress as they meet once a year.

China outlined strategy to achieve Healthy Growth and Technological breakthrough. It has been revealed that its future growth will be based on “INTERNATIONAL CYCLES OF PRODUCTIONS AND CONSUMPTIONS” by 2025.

China says they are “committed to peaceful development” in relation with Taiwan. They have the largest economy in the world after the United States of America.

Experts fear that this new 15-Year-Plan to develop military, political and economic powers may inflame the already tensed relationship between the United States of America and China.

Of course, China’s relationship with the United States of America has diminished since a trade war between them began in 2018.

The December 2019 outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan-China, worsened the situation.

They are estimated to have invested a trillion dollars in its”Belt and Road” initiative. Nigerian Military can emulate China and America.

Indeed, America is truly the greatest country in the world.

However, our military can compete with her global counterparts if nepotism, clannishness, religious bigotry, incompetence and all the trajectory of corruption and reckless impunity in correlation with the height of the unitary vassal government practiced in Nigeria where senseless killings and shooting at the peaceful Nigerian protesters by the Nigerian Army at Lekki-Toll Gate amongst other related incidences who are simply demanding for good governance should be forestalled by discipline, patriotism, good training and retraining.

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